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Updating DNS servers and hosting.
Friday, July 17, 2020

The site continues to work and grow. I managed to refresh the domain and move the hosting to another operator, due to high costs and functionality problems. Now it works all right, and I would say better. Why? Well, the website has finally received the long-awaited SSL certificate, thanks to which the website works securely using HTTPS encryption. In the meantime I refreshed the background of the site and added new images in the category - Windows Server 2012 Beta. I am still working on repairing the links in the categories - "Virtual machines"; "Abandoned programs" and "Windows Updates". Files will be fixed on an ongoing basis, so I would ask for your patience and understanding. The free Internet is not able to process the enormous amount of data I send to the servers. Hence the answer to frequently asked questions related to the date of restoring files to the site. Let's not be discouraged by this fact and that's why I encourage you now to read the news on the site.

Posted: 13.09.2020.

Informations about website.
Friday, July 17, 2020

The crash that took place a month ago was quickly repaired, unfortunately the next server failure turned out to be the last, so the files stored on this server were lost. Fortunately, almost all files have been moved to a different hosting server and everything should work fine from now on. Why "almost all"? Well, some files were not backed up and it may take some time to recover. Images containing Windows updates, programs, and virtual machines were particularly affected.

The site also has the long-awaited images of "Windows Server 2016 (in beta)". In the meantime, the page has been slightly modified (the images under the system descriptions have been moved to the top of the page, creating a gallery). In the next updates I will try to add new images in the Windows [Beta] category and successively fix the vulnerabilities related to broken links in the above-mentioned categories.

Posted: 15.08.2020.

I keep my hand on the pulse...
Friday, July 17, 2020

Phew ... The hosting server is operational. The failure lasted over 2 weeks, which limited access to downloaded files. Everything should be working fine now. Nevertheless, I keep a close eye on its operation and in the meantime I create a backup on another server to avoid problems with further downloads. I would not like to see the problem repeat itself again. I will keep you updated on the operating status of the server. Unfortunately, for this reason I also suspended adding new content to the website to ensure stability for downloaded files. Backing up takes a lot of time, especially with so much data to transfer. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by the website, but it does not depend on my website.

Posted: 17.07.2020.

Failure of hosting server.
Friday, February 07, 2020

On July 8 this year, there was a failure that has not been repaired to this day. For this reason, the files that were on this server are no longer available. I also started the process of recovering some files and transferring them to another hosting server. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of files in the database, and there are plans to add other images, so the work on the database has been increased. If everything is fixed, you will be informed about it in the next news.

Posted: 16.07.2020.

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