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Kubuntu is an official derivative of the Ubuntu distribution using the KDE desktop environment instead of Ubuntu GNOME, formerly Unity. Kubuntu uses the same system components as Ubuntu.

The Kubuntu Project is intended to be what Ubuntu is to GNOME: a perfectly matched distribution with the best features of Ubuntu, but equipped with KDE. Kubuntu is released regularly; a new release comes with the release of KDE. - From the Kubuntu Website on the Ubuntu Wiki
Just as GNOME fans have created a Ubuntu distribution with this environment, KDE fans have tried to restore Ubuntu to more classic robes. Kubuntu is the standard version of Ubuntu, which is no different under the hood from the official distribution, but it introduces the latter as the default KDE desktop environment.

KDE has a bright, silver interface, and has a large number of applications running in this environment. Kubuntu not only makes changes in the visual aspect, but also adds applications that are unique to KDE, such as the KMail client and Kopete instant messenger.
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⦁ x64 or 64-bit - System compatible with 64-bit processor architecture. Some systems (older than Vista/7) do not support 32-bit systems

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