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This tab contains driver packages and programs to help you install or update the latest drivers on your computer. It is thanks to them that the hardware works properly, the system does not crash, and the games and applications work better.
Offline drivers are a good solution to quickly configure your computer hardware, without using the Internet. Only the earlier downloaded installer is important. Moreover, if you allow, the program can also automatically download newer versions of the drivers if they are detected.  To download a package of drivers, arm yourself with patience and access to the Internet, because the package itself weighs up to 23 GB!

ATTENTION !!! Changing the name of one of the downloaded files, incomplete downloading (parts of) the archive or deleting one of them will cause the program to start incorrectly.

The first source is a package of all drivers (compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10) This is a packed archive, weighing over 23 GB. Choose this version if you don't want to install drivers from the Internet, or if you don't have access to it but would like to install them. The second source is a driver package for network devices and cards supporting the Internet. If you want to install the latest drivers and the system has not installed network drivers, choose the second option. You will then install the drivers for your network card. The archive weighs about 500-600 MB.

You will find an installation guide in this link

Drivers that do not require network access to install:

If you are looking for drivers for older devices or systems, you will find them below.

If you prefer convenience and installation with a few clicks, select one of the following programs to install or update your drivers.

Software to installing drivers: